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БЕЛТИМ СБ: Комплексные системы безопасности и защиты информации

Information about the company BELTIM SB.

The company BELTIM SB is the leading system integrator in the Republic of Belarus in the field of applying the innovative technologies to secure and protect information. Having started its activity in 1996 the company has been developing continuously, enriching the staff and improving in the technical and professional way. Actually BELTIM SB. joins professionals of the high level who have the high practical work experience, five of them are candidates of technical science. Usually experts possess the technical English. Our workers take part in developing the normative law data base of the Republic of Belarus in the field of information security, they became familiar and work with the russian and foreign normative documents. The company possess the own production base, the unique technical and technological designs.

Our Company has been working in the information protection market for more than three years already. Several work directions have been formed during this period of time: computer system security including protection from unauthorized access to the resources and antiviral protection; corporate network security; development of access control systems; protection of oral information inside premises and communication channels; consulting services. Our special attention is paid to the promotion of advanced technologies therefore we offer training courses for our clients.

The company possess experience of designing and applying the integrated security systems in the large belarusian industrial enterprises. We work closely with the russian companies that are the proved leaders in the security market.

BELTIM SB. takes part in realizing the common program "Protection of the common information resources of Belarus and Russia".

Experts of our company went to the company "Debsvana" (country of Botswana) for the preview analysis and inspection of its security system. According to the results of this work were prepared the wide commercial proposals about developing the security policy and concepts of this company.

Company possess all the necessary licenses of the State center of the information security at the President's Council of the Republic of Belarus in order to have right to make activity related to the information protection and solutions to the problems of the complex security and also from the Committee of the State Security of the Republic of Belarus in the field of cryptographic work, development, production, sales, repair of cryptographic hardware.

BELTIM SB. is the initiator and permanent participant of the annual international specialized exhibition "PTS" - "Perspective Technologies and Systems. Informatics, security, ecology", where shows the equipment and the innovative technologies in the field of the information security and protection.

Proposals in the field of security technologies and information protection

Currently the company has the wide range of activities, products and services in the field of information protection and the complex security.

The priority activity is the development and applying of the complex systems of information security, that includes the following directions:

Development of the concept of subject security and development of administrative documents:

  • inspection and audit of the owned and re-created information systems from the point of view of the security and information protection;
  • completing the complex plan (concept) or reference about providing security and information protection;
  • updating the information systems according to the standards of information protection;
  • separating the critical information sources of subjects, developing the protection profile and according to that projecting, applying and maintaining the complex system;
  • developing the security policy and organizing managing documents that regulate the order of information protection, organization of security system and its exploitation;
  • consulting services, developing instructions, requirements, type projects of the information protection at the work place and computer networks;
  • holding the specialized courses and seminars regarding the directions of activity, teaching the rules and tactics of using the programming and information technologies and special equipment.

Programming and technical maintenance of information technologies:

  • control and protection of PCs, servers, corporate and local area networks from the illegal access while being connected to the net of transfer of general used data and Internet and also the antiviral protection;
  • supply of the PCs and other technical elements (copying and office equipment, alarm equipment, etc.), protected from the information outflow by the channel of the side electromagnetic radiation and aiming that is possible by turning on the new informatization subjects where the treatment of private information shall be used;
  • development of the filtering units of power supply for the information components;
  • supply, assembly, adjusting and maintain of the information protection facilities from the illegal access in the PCs and local area networks;
  • holding the special investigations in the presence of the side electromagnetic radiation and aiming in the PCs aimed for treating the confidential information using the soft hardware.

Technical maintenance

  • holding the complex tool inspection of spaces, technical facilities of treatment and transfer of the secured information (phone lines, other communications), equipment and cars to discover the natural and prepared channels of the information outflow and also to discover the eavesdropping devices;
  • development and creation of the systems of access control to the given spaces;
  • supply of the searching, supervising, special equipment in the field of security providing to protect the spaces and communications from the information outflow, also for the covered video-observation and registration of acts in the controlled areas;
  • protection of the communication wired and radio lines from the message interception;
  • supply of the security hardware for the treated, circulated and widely transferred information, and also supply of other equipment used for operative activity;
  • mounting, service support of this equipment;
  • teaching the personnel of the security service about its exploiting;
  • aiding to create the technical security element by supplying the necessary searching and measuring equipment and teaching the personnel about methods and rules of holding the special actions.

The complex targets that shall be reached by the directions mentioned above:

  • maintaining the project and construction-and-assembling operations in the subject about the requirements to protect information;
  • complex inspection of the subjects, designing plans and actions to solve problems about their necessary and sufficient protection;
  • examination of the security state of projected, built and active subjects, computer-based management systems and communication systems, developing concepts to create and realize the complex security system.

Developing the integrated systems of information protection and security of business:

  • developing concepts of the economical security of subject;
  • legal consulting;
  • consulting about organizing and holding business;
  • developing the complex systems of technical security of subject;
  • orienting for the long-term service: technical and programming support, warranty service, teaching, consulting).
Our Clients

Our Clients are middle-size and large companies looking for the best information protection solutions. We do also offer our services to everyone who cares about their personal safety and safety of their company.

Four reasons for choosing "BELTIM SB":

  1. Integrated and individual approach to the Customer's needs
    Our main objective is to provide an integrated, truly reliable and adequate protection of the Customer's company tailoring to Customer's particularities. For this purpose we do not apply a single product even if it is the most advanced technology but a complex of products and measures highly integrated with each other.

    We are able to provide the Customer with all possible protection means; therefore you will not need to contact other companies.
  2. A special care about our Clients
    Our relationships with the Customer are based on the following main principals and indispensable norms of professionalism:
    • expert knowledge. "BELTIM SB" services cover all security aspects. This requires application of scientifically based approaches and methods that can be done only by high professionals working for our Company.
    • Objectivity. We aim to provide our Clients with an objective solution. This is why our fundamental principal is to offer multivendor products, i.e. we have no rough orientation towards a single manufacturer or developer in any field.
    • Confidentiality. When investigating or protecting a Company (an organization) our experts have to examine thoroughly all aspects of the Customer's activities including those that are the commercial classified information (official secrecy). There comes the analogy with a doctor taken into their patient's confidence who is to keep the secret of a patient.
  3. Orientation towards long-term relationships
    We work to offer our Clients cooperation oriented towards long-term plans of business development.

    Many of our current Customers have been our Clients since the very beginning of BelTeam. The experts of our Company tailor the methods of their work to the particular needs of the Client ready even to create special groups for specific work with each Client.

    For this purpose we bring the works and projects management closer to the Customer. As a rule, sales managers, project managers as well as engineers are assigned to the Customer. Regular meetings of the Company management with the Customer are obligatory.
  4. High-Level Support
    "BELTIM SB" never leaves its Customer alone with the built security system. The Company aim is at being a service integrator for the Customers by providing them with a unified source of technical and information support for security systems and its separate components as well as consulting for system operation.

    The key elements of "BELTIM SB" service programs are preventive maintenance and consulting services that allow to eliminate the causes of potential system vulnerability before serious troubles occur in the system functioning.
    Our Partners

    The needs of our Customers define the choice of our Contractors. Our traditional partners are: "InfromProtection" (InformZaschita) (Moscow, the products are ISS, CheckPoint, Baltimor), "Nelk" (Moscow), "NOVO" (Moscow), Information Security Center "MASCOM" (Moscow), "SmerSh-technics" (St.-Petersburg), "Confident" (St.-Petersburg). The Company closely cooperates with the leading Belarussian software development companies, solution suppliers and system integrators such as ("IBA", "BelАВМ", "Bevalex", "Enigma", "Avest", "Argosoft", "Debswana" (Botswana) Our Company tends to long-term cooperation when choosing its suppliers and partners.

    Our Projects

    The company has already fulfilled a range of projects for creation of information protection systems of the different objects. We worked for the national Bank, Ministry of Industry, State Customs Commettee, "BelAgroPromBank", "Gomelenergo", UE "Belairnavigation", JV "Cosmos-TV", etc.

    All the questions about collaboration shall be solved both locally and as the realization of complex projects. BELTIM SB. guarantees confidentiality, completeness and a high quality of job about information protection.

    Applying the wide experience and intellectual potential of our experts, the modern soft and hardware allow our customers to solve problems of information protection and complex security.

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