Reverse engineering (or reengineering) technology has become available relatively recently and nowadays it is becoming one of the most promising and dynamically developing areas of engineering.​ This technology results  in reproducing of an existing object on the basis of creating its model with the possibility of making changes. The use of reverse engineering in development allows you to investigate the device, understand its working principles and discover undocumented features. This technology involves going through the following development stages:

  • 3D scanning
  • 3D modelling
  • Project documentation development

3D scanning technology is the most effective method for putting into initial information about the development object. Herewith the object is digitized using a 3D scanner which calculates the geometry itself and determines the dimensions with high accuracy. It allows to avoids errors and faults inherent in the manual method of entering information. Also this method allows processing of very complex shapes, including those with a curved surface.

The next step is 3D modeling which includes the creation of a 3-dimensional drawing that allows you to see the final result with its exact dimensions, shapes, cavities and voids. This approach is becoming more and more popular and is confidently replacing more traditional methods of design measurements. It is most relevant when the appearance of the product is fundamental or the work of several parts in conjunction is extremely important, and there are also highly loaded and critical units.

At the time of project documentation developing, we conduct a study of the materials of components so that during production it is possible to repeat or improve the declared technical characteristics. Chemical analysis of metals is the main research that is carried out when studying the characteristics of metals and any other material used in industry. After the research work has been carried out, the finished draft of the documentation can be transferred and put into production.

It should be mentioned that reengineering is not only a technological but also a creative process which in addition to the reverse of the device under study implies an understanding of technologies, the principles of operation of mechanisms, the use of design ingenuity, experience and the ability to recreate connecting parts in such a way as to achieve the specified performance characteristics.

Professional team of CJSC "BELTIM SB" is ready to provide a full range of services using the method of reengineering technology to help you in supporting the production process as well as in setting up production. If you have any difficulties and questions, our specialists will provide you with consulting services and help you in solving the problems that have arisen.

List of services provided:

  • Development of surface and solid models based on a point cloud model
  • Refinement of surface models, smoothing of surfaces, reduction of the number of beats, restoration of the condition of tangential continuity
  • Making geometric changes after model development
  • Fix internal model errors or surface model errors
  • Chemical analysis of materials and alloys of the test samples
  • Development of a complete set of production documentation
  • Maintenance and control of the production process

3D-сканированиеПостроение 3D-модели


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