Our company is ready to provide services for the development of a full design and technical documentation package for the reproduction of any technique, equipment, assemblies and individual parts (reverse engineering) for various application spheres. 

Nowadays reverse engineering is the optimal, and sometimes the only way to solve various problems arising during manufacturing process. 3D scanning and 3D modeling tools used in reverse engineering make it possible to product objects of very complex shapes including those with a curved surface, create a three-dimensional drawing of an object with its exact dimensions, shapes, cavities and voids, carry out chemical analysis, strength and deformation calculations. After the research work the full set of the documentation that meets the requirements of the Unified System for Design Documentation can be used in production.

It should be noted that reverse engineering is not only a technological, but also a creative process that demands an understanding of technologies, the principles of operation of mechanisms, smart performance, experience and the ability to recreate connecting parts in the way to achieve the specified performance characteristics.

CJSC "BELTIM SB" team is ready to develop for you a full set of design and project documentation, assist in supporting and adjusting the production process, carry out field supervision, be with you at all stages of production until the release of the first serial sample. If you have any difficulties and questions, our specialists will provide you with consulting services and help you in solving the problems that have arisen.

List of services provided and developing documentation:

  • Drawings of parts and assemblies
  • Development of schemes
  • Creation of operational documentation
  • Digitization of design documentation
  • Operational documentation, including product passport, operation manual, programs and test methods, forms
  • Regulatory documentation (specifications, technical instructions, regulations, work instructions)
  • Analysis of the metals and materials used
  • Formation of the appearance of products (industrial design)
  • Design development
  • Selection of components and accessories

3D-сканированиеПостроение 3D-модели


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